Safety Note by: Diarmuid Cronin – Community Alert Development Officer


Directions to your Home, for Emergencies

On regular occasions every year we all give detailed instructions to strangers, how they can find and drive directly to our home. Strangers such as:

  • Couriers with a parcel
  • Deliveries of Supplies and equipment
  • Emergency Services

Consider the implications of poor directions given to an Ambulance or Fire Brigade. When seconds are critical, proper preparation saves lives. In a life-threatening or distressful situation, most people will be upset panicked and confused

Therefore it is advisable to prepare a short written description advising a stranger on how to find your home starting from a well-known local landmark.  A few sentences should suffice.

  • Carefully detail route, left and right – turns and forks in road.
  • A brief description of entrance to your home.
  • Place this description prominently, somewhere near your home-phonesIt may unfortunately be a younger member of the family that will need to use it on your behalf.
  • A growing percentage of drivers now use satellite navigation, Global Positioning System or GPS but not all emergency services have GPS installed, and GPS systems may delay arrival by poor choice of route. If possible acquire the GPS position of your home and write that also on the directions to home card.
  • Local road numbers are a help.
  • Estate name signage, and easily read house numbers are very important.

Safety Note by:

Diarmuid Cronin

Community Alert Southern Region,

Development Office.

021  7339011  –  086  6000752