Grapevine Communications is a company all about communicating!

We are the company that can send out group text messages the easiest way possible. Any person needing to have group text messages sent out can do it through us, the easiest way possible. We upload the lists of numbers on our database, we keep them safely until that person needs to send out a group text message, we can be contacted byPHONE, EMAIL or TEXT, give us your password generated by us, and the message to be sent and then we send it, quickly efficiently and absolutely hassle-free.

We have a number of options:

Sport-text – the platform for group texting for clubs and all sporting groups, sending out messages about evernts, training and generally keeping the team and club informed.

ParentSMS –  for schools keeping parent informed re: half days, bus delays, or other events on in the school.

BeAlertSMS – the group texting service for community alerts in conjunction with the Gardai, this system is now in use in over 12 Gardai districts and is proving very effective and has resulted in criminals being apprehended, by having real time events such as robberies and suspicious activity, sent out via text message to community alert groups.

WhazzonSMS – for retailers, maintaining customer loyalty,and creating messages for customer events.


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